A Little Random Q & A

So you know that Liebster Award that floats around the blog world. Well I’ve been nominated many times by my fellow bloggers, but I always put it off and never answer. I know, I’m bad, mean, horrible…but really just forgetful! So I decided to get my butt in gear and answer some of these fun questions posed to me. Casey, Kaila, and Sara and nominated me in the past few months so I am going to pick a few questions from each of them and answer them right here, right now! I guess I also don’t like doing these much because I never know who to “nominate”! It feels weird, so I will probably do a cope out again and just tell you all to answer some questions in the comments. Deal? Deal! Because really, answering questions is always fun! I love learning random facts about other bloggers. I think it makes us all feel closer and a little less “screen-only” voices.

A Little Q & A | Strength and Sunshine

Casey – Casey The College Celiac

1. If you could change one thing about your blog, what would it be? I am actually about 90% sure I will be switching over to a self-hosted site and getting a brand spanking new deign in the next few months! I have already talked to some designers about working with them, so hopefully I can just figure out the money situation next!

2. What time of day do you like to write your blog posts? I draft all my blog posts on the weekends, haha! Even though I thought I could be a write-the-post-the-day-before blogger in the summer, I really can’t. I like having all my idea out and posts ready in advance. Then I can just add a few things the night before!

3. If you had to live off of three foods forever, what would they be? Raw unsalted cashews, apples, and (all kinds of) potatoes.

Fresh Market PSPs

4. Name 2 pet peeves. Bloggers that don’t announce giveaway winner (or specify if they will just notify or not). And bloggers that don’t have comment-reply notifications. Haha, these things kill me! But outside of blogging I would say: people coughing and people who act like they own the road/hall/aisle (aka slow people! I have places to go!)

5. What are you usually doing at 10am on a Saturday? Writing a blog post, haha, and getting ready to go grocery shopping!

6. How has blogging changed your everyday life? I don’t really have a life now, haha! But really, it has changed so many things and given me something to belong to!

Kaila – Healthy Helper

1. What was your favorite show as a middle schooler? My mom and I watched Lost when I was about that age. We rented/bought all the seasons though. But that was and will always be one of my favorite shows!


2. What season were you born in? The beautiful glorious summer! Well end of Spring I guess…June 6th is close enough to the 21st to say summer though!

3. If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in another language, which would you choose? Arabic! Then I could be positive I’m making the right choice taking it in college ;)

4. If you had to lose one of the 5 senses, which would you choose and why? I’d say hearing. Smell and taste go hand in hand and if I couldn’t enjoy food…I would die. Plus I need to see to do things and see the beauty in life. And I want to feel things with touch, so hearing, eh. It would be more peaceful ;)

5. Name 3 blogs do you read on a daily basis! Um, how about the 210 blogs I follow on Bloglovin’! I seriously go to bed with an empty reader every night. It’s bad…but I have to go through them all. (I won’t be able to do this come August 23rd though!)

Sara – Loving On The Run

1. What time do you normally get up in the morning? 4am during the year, but now that it’s summer I have been sleeping until 4:30-5:15ish. It depends. But I am trying to train myself to stay up a bit later, but I really can’t because I still just pop awake so early!

2. Name one thing you couldn’t live without. Only one!? Well, I guess I would say my Mom. (But some other things are my ability to cook and to workout (yoga)).


3. If you could only have one food for the rest of your life, what would it be? Potatoes.

4. What is your favorite day of the week? I actually like Mondays now…(don’t hate!) and Thursday isn’t bad either!

Well that was fun ;) Here is my Liebster way back from November! Haha the Arabic thing is still the same ;) These are those types of posts that are fun to look back on and see what you were thinking at that time. Kinda like bucket lists…Yea. Remember my summer bucket list last year which ended up being a total fail? Well I can tell you I will not be making one this year. Instead I just want to enjoy and live every day to the fullest. I want to make every day count and be as stress free as possible. I also want to spend as much time with the fam as possible before I’m shipped off to DC! So no pressure, no list, I just want to make it count with no regrets! So far so good!

Now for a few questions to pose to you! Pick a few of your favorite to answer in the comments below and let’s get to know each other a bit more ;)

1. If you had one day left to live, what would you do?

2. Top 3 people you would love to meet one day.

3. Why did you choose your field of study/major/job?

4. Would you rather be a famous author or a famous singer?

5. If you could only do one form of exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

6. Your house is about to burn down/blow up. What 5 things do you take with you (that you can carry in one trip)?

7. Pick one day in your life to relive.

8. You get to fearlessly confront your worst enemy. What would you say?

Have fun my lovely friends :)


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40 thoughts on “A Little Random Q & A

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  3. I just went self-hosted about a month ago, and while it’s been a bit of a learning curve for me, I’m so glad I did it. It’s more work than I thought it would be in the beginning, and I’m still not 100 percent where I want my blog to be, but it’s a good start. I really like all the customization, freedom and extra features self-hosting gives you. Let me know how that process goes for you if you decide to do it! I use Host Gator, and I love it.

      • Yes, that’s why I didn’t go with Bluehost! I heard their customer service wasn’t very good either, but I don’t have any evidence to really back that up. Host Gator has been very good, and they’re very quick to help if an issue does arise. And when I was comparing prices, they seemed to be the best deal for what you were getting.

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  5. Fun! I love apples and potatoes too. Not at the same time…though if you lost your sense of smell I think those are 2 foods that would become identical.

  6. Oh my goodness, I was absolutely OBSESSED with Lost during my middle school years! I think I watched every episode with my dad at LEAST four times. I may or may not actually have a LOST beach towel, too :)

    2. Scott Jurek, JK Rowling, Kate Middleton
    3. I’m pre-med and majoring in Environmental Studies. I’ve always been fascinated by medicine–surgery, in particular–and ever since attending an Alternative Spring Break during my freshman year (we went to Harlan, KY, an area heavily impacted by mountaintop removal coal mining), I’ve become very passionate about issues of environmental justice and environmental racism (an extension of my ethical veganism!).
    4. Famous author, for sure. I’ve always dreamed about writing a novel!

    Have a lovely day! :)

    • No shame is the Lost love!

      O, I want to meet Scott Jurek too! His book was amazing and so inspiring!

      Where do you go to school? I had wanted to go pre-med a few years ago, but after interning in a hospital, I knew it was not for me!

      As for being an author…yes! I bet you will write a novel one day! Don’t let the dream die!

      • 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42…I still have those numbers running through my head every day :)

        I go to Vassar, a small college in New York (in the Hudson Valley). And haha, it’s good that you discovered that BEFORE you got to medical school!

        Awww, thanks! I hope so too :) I love to write, I just struggle with creativity…but who knows, maybe I’ll get a stroke of divine inspiration one of these days!

  7. Always enjoy Q&As! I still find it just crazy awesome how you get up everyday so early! I wish I could do that! I’m a night owl though so it makes the morning harder. I also can’t go to bed without having an empty reader on bloglovin! But I love them reading them so much so it’s worth it! :)

    • I seriously struggle so much to stay up late! But I used to when I was much younger! 1am was the norm, now….that never ever happens, haha!
      It is worth it to read them all! Of course I can’t read each post word for word, but I do read/scan everything! I just love my bloggers and don’t want to miss out!

  8. Rebecca..I wish I could post all my blogs in one day or even a weekend and have them ready. I often think of doing that, but just can’t. Nor do I blog a day {as I wish I could}. We never missed an episode of Lost, that was nuts. I would pick to be a famous author. I love words, I love writing and well signing {yeah even in my dreams that could never happen}. :)

    • We all just have to find the posting schedule that works best with out time. For me, I give up a lot of my weekend time, haha, but if there is nothing better to do…

      Lost = Love!

      I would be an author too! I think it would be more lasting and meaningful. Singing goes in and out, but books are everlasting!

  9. I really enjoyed this- I feel like I got to know you better. :) I also write most of my blog posts all at one time (usually the weekend) and then just proof the night before. However, if I get inspired during the week and type something up (usually happens) I will go ahead and post it. I just don’t ever want to feel like I have NOTHING to post. In fact, right now I have 40 posts in my draft folder and at least 15 of them are totally ready to publish. I just like to have a lot in my back pocket, I guess!

    I had to laugh at the “house burn down/blow up” question because “blow up” was included haha. Well, assuming my husband can fend for himself, I would grab both of my cats and get the heck out of there. Now, if we’re not including animals and just talking possessions, I would grab my purse, my lap top (just so I wouldn’t have the hassle of getting another one), all my racing medals (they’re on one hook in my closet so it would be a quick grab), my cat’s favorite sock toy he has had since he was a kitten, and our cat Basic’s box of cremains.

    • Haha, pre-writing is the way to go! Really I have no idea how some bloggers write all their posts the day of and post multiple times a day! There is no way they have the time! It takes me hours to get even one post done.

      I really don’t know what I would grab! There is to much sentimental stuff! But as long as you can get every person/animal out safe, I guess that’s all that really matters in the end!

  10. OMG I am obsessed with LOST (I actually think I wrote about it on my blog..haha!). It’s one of my all-time favorite shows!! I need to go through it again!!!

    If I could relive one day in my life, I would relive a day when I was in NYC. I still miss it!!

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