Friday Finisher 3/21/14

Hello Friday! This week was a slow and uneventful one. So ready for the weekend! How about you? I am just craving those weekend mornings of mine. Slow easy mornings of some nice core work, pancakes, blogging, and just relaxing in my bed for as long as possible. And again, I plan on getting non-school work done. I had a pretty easy week in school with a lot of down time so all that work is over and done with, but now I need time to focus on the other things! Although I do have to take 10 conceptual photographs and 20 photos of my concentration for my AP photography class. Not fun…At least I have tons of food photos to use for my concentration, but conceptual…I have now idea. Eh, whatever, I always end up figuring something out ;)

This week wasn’t all boring though. I got in some really good eats. Things I am loving lately?

LovingAvocado coated protiens! I can not get enough! I am serious, just mash up an avocado and rub it all over your chicken or some white fish! Bake it and taste the amazing creamy baked goodness. The flavor of the avocado just is an explosion! With the chicken I also add smoked paprika, crushed red pepper, onion powder, and parsley. It browns on top and becomes heaven. For the Tilapia I added a Cajan seasoning. So good! Must try! Then we have some lovely Cranberry Orange Pecan Granola. I think this maybe my new favorite flavor ;) And let’s not forget this beauty on the end. There was a sale on Pompeian vinegars at the grocery the other week. I love Pompeian so I scanned the shelves. Then this baby popped out! Roasted Garlic Red Wine Vinegar! The best! I use it every day now on my veggies and salads. It is so good!

One last thing I almost forgot!

Nomato! Yes, that is right. Tomato-free ketchup! It is made for anyone with acid reflux, tomato allergies, on chemotherapy, or have arthritis (you can’t have tomatoes with you have arthritis?). Anyway, this stuff is awesome! Check out the awesome ingredients: Organic Carrots, Water, Beets, Organic Onions, Cider Vinegar, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Cane Sugar, Kosher Salt, Ginger, and CinnamonIt is awesome and tastes exactly like tomatoes! They also make a “Nomato” Sauce and BBQ Sauce!

And here is my 11th link-up to FTSF (Finish The Sentence Friday)! FTSF is that you are given a sentence each week and you finish it however you want, long or short. This week’s sentence was, “I’m done with school, but…”

Janine's Confessions of A Mommyaholic
I’m done with school, but…I am not! (Damn, the last few FTSF sentences have totally not been geared towered 18 year-olds, haha! But that is okay, I like to twist the sentence anyway ;) ) So, I am not done with school, I am really just starting! I will be done with high school is about 3ish months, but then the real-life fun begins! College! I can not wait to actually be able to purse my interest and step outside my comfort zone. I want to prepare myself for my career (CIA?) and learn as much as I possibly can. But I am also planning on getting a masters and hopefully PhD some day. I don’t want to ever stop my education. There is so much I want I want to do! This is my chance to make it happen and not end up regretting not doing something later on in my life (which seems to be the connotation of this FTSF). I refuse to end up unhappy with my career and right now, I am ready to go!

Friday FinisherSS Posts from the week:

Monday: Power Monday #37 Power Greens

Tuesday: An Interview With My Yoga Inspiration: Fiji McAlpine

Wednesday: Cheezy Roasted Vegetable Quinoa

Thursday: Creamy Chocolate Coconut Buckwheat Cereal

Blog Posts I loved this week:

+ What is Vinyasa Yoga?

Just a little info and my favorite style <3

+ You Don’t Have To Count Calories

All those numbers will just clutter and stress you out! Listen to your body instead :)

+ 9 Things You Don’t Need To Teach Yoga

Yoga is simple; keep it that way.

+ 10 Ways To Stop Overeating Today

Being a little more mindful and in tune with your eating habits.

+ I’m Okay With Not Being Perfect

Love your flaws’ they make you you!

+ 5 Cleanest Sources Of Plant-Based Calcium

Ditch the dairy! Try these powerhouses!

+ Obesity & Body Shaming: There Is A Difference

A total must read!

+ 9 Everyday Stretches For A Healthy Body

Stretch, stretch, stretch! It’s one of my favorite activities and I do it everyday for at least 20 minutes :)

+ Am I Hungry?

Do you know your true hunger cues or do you eat by the clock?

+ How To Move Abroad For A Year

8 things you need to know and do!

+ New Blogging Rules

A great take on “No-Rules” blogging.

+ Food Photography Tip #2

All about using small plates, bowls, and utensils!

+ My Food Prep Routine

Looking to start food prepping? Follow this girl :)

+ Changing Focus

Please read this! This may be the most important thing you read this week <3

+ It’s Just A Blog…Right?

Is you blog just a blog? If it is, what’s the point in blogging then?!

+ Blogging: Lessons Learned

I love reading  the lessons other seasoned bloggers have learned! Always so insightful :)

+ The Ultimate Running Comeback Plan

How to get back into it after an injury or illness!

+ 5 Tips To Becoming More Photogenic

I think I need to start taking more selfies ;) You guys never get to see me on the blog!

+ Why I Hate Isagenix & Dr. Oz

There is no magic fix. If there was, there would only have to be one.

+ Blogging On A Budget: The Domain Name

A helpful post on choosing a domain name and host.

+ My Health Journey: The Beginning

I encourage you to follow along with Meg’s new series. So inspiring and beautiful :)

+ I AM Somebody

Such a powerful post! I read this dark bright and early at 4:30am the other morning and it was a great read to start the day off good :)

+ Are Your Doing Your Blog A Disservice?

How do you feel about link-ups? I really don’t ever make posts for a specific link-up, instead I just link up my own posts to link-ups that fit the posts (i.e. recipe shares, etc.)

+ Guest RD: Rev Your Metabolism

Inadequate calories will kill your metabolism, even if you are trying to lose weight.

+ In Defense Of Inconvenience (And Why I Ditched My Smart Phone)

Certain choices may seem like an inconvenience to others, but when you are doing it for the right reasons and love how they make you feel, they just turn into a lifestyle, simple as that (i.e. a vegan diet!).

+ Ten Ways To Boost Your Body Confidence

I see yoga in this list ;)

+ Healthy Means…

What does healthy mean to you?

+ There’s Always Someone With Bigger Problems Than Yours

It is so hard, but we have to remain positive and move on.

+ 10 Benefits Of Bodyweight Exercises

Simple, effective, and you can do them anywhere!

+ 51 Rules To Become Your Own (S)hero

For living an awesome, happy, healthy life!

+ Two Steps To A Bathing Suit Body!

Couldn’t be any simpler!

+ Food Styling Tips For Food Bloggers

It is still a work in progress over here ;)

Favorite Pins:

(Follow me on Pinterest – RebeccaGF666)

Mushroom Matar. Indian cuisine at it’s finest!

Vegan Oats & Flax Crisps with Coconut. A perfect healthy sweet snack!

Maca-Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins. Guess what they are made of…Buckwheat!

How-to Make Homemade Nut Butters. Your official tutorial to success!

Yellow Cotton Jacket. It is still coat weather and will be for awhile. This is so cute!

Toasted Oatmeal with Strawberry Chai Jam and Coconut Whipped Cream. O my god! Yum! Breakfast heaven?

Cherry Coconut Granola. Mmm granola flavor heaven :)

Coconut Latte Smoothie. More coconut, more yum!

A few things I loved about my week or am grateful for:

+ Spring! Although I am not one of those “O my god, I love Spring” people. Spring is such a tease. It is still to chilly to actually be warm outside and it rains a lot. I just want Summer really.

+ Since I have increased my fats over the last few weeks, I have started to feel really energized! It is awesome <3

+ I just want to thank Fiji again for the amazing interview on Tuesday! Definitely my favorite post this week!

+ That being said, I had some really awesome yoga practices this week! Ah, I just can’t get enough. I <3 Yoga! :)

So Tell Me:

What foodie products are you loving lately?

Do you regret the path you took in college or your post high school education?

Tell me, tell me you weekend plans!

P.S. Check out my feature on Angelena’s Feature Friday at On Fire Fitness! :) Thanks for having me on Angelena! XOXO

P.S.S. Make sure you stop by tomorrow for my March Recipe ReDux! It is a good one, and involves something purple ;)

*Linking-up with Heather’s Friday Favorites and Clare’s Five Things Friday!*


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34 thoughts on “Friday Finisher 3/21/14

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  3. Great list of links! I can always use some fresh blog reading material :) Thanks for featuring me!

    That nomato stuff looks interesting. I can get kind of addicted to ketchup, but I do have a sensitivity to it (acid issues). I find that if I get organic ketchup it doesn’t bother me as much? But I still can’t really do BBQ sauce. Thanks for pointing it out!

  4. That coconut latte smoothie looks SO good!

    I definitely don’t regret my post high school plans, I jumped straight into my own business (actually before I finished high school) and learnt to be flexible and to listen to my heart.

    Our weekend is jam packed as we have a church challenge weekend – so I’m about to jump in the shower, get dressed, make lunch and head out the door!

    • I always feel like I am in the future when I am talking to you haha! It is still Friday here :P
      You should be so proud of what you have accomplished post-school! It is amazing that you started your own business, and the best part is that you love it!

  5. Hey girl!:) GREAT list of finds! I always love Finisher because I know I’m in for some good links!:) Thanks for sharing! Some of these were favorites of my own:) Oh and I LOVE love, love that jacket- so cute! By the way, I love Vinyasa the best too- can you recommend a video by Fiji that’s a great workout for a first timer to her style? I like yoga sessions that aren’t too slow or boring- got any tips?:) THANKS !:)<3

  6. I hope college is exactly everything you want it to be and remember that it’s about the learning and experience. In 20 years, your major won’t really matter that much if you’re doing something you love.

  7. I don’t really regret what I studied in college or where I went, I have my bachelors in business, plus it’s where I met my husband. However, I wish I would’ve started in the fitness industry earlier! It took me a while to find my true passion, so it is great you know what you want to do. I think life takes you on the path you are meant to be on…so no regrets here!
    Thanks again for sharing your story on my blog today! Love your blog, you have lots of great ideas, and I added you to my blog roll!
    Have a great Friday!!

  8. I didn’t know they had AP Photography…that sounds awesome! College is an amazing time. I had a lot of regrets looking back: I wish I enjoyed myself more while I was there and wish I pushed myself harder in the classroom. But thankfully everything worked out! So many links to check out…have a Happy Friday!

  9. I hope that your college years bring you everything you want and deserve. The world is really yours for the taking right now and to be honest (I know people say this a lot, but still), if I knew then what I know now I think I would have done a lot at that time of my life differently. So, truly wish you only the best and thank you for linking on this even though I know you still are in school :)

  10. thanks for the link love! i’m totally checking out that nut butter tutorial! and i don’t regret high school or college… if i could change something, i would have gone somewhere warm for college (florida or california!) knowing i’d move back to st louis after!

  11. so ,many yummy foods there and I’m so hungry right now. I’ll have to tell my mom about that nomato ketchup…interesting.

    Good for you, never stop learning or taking classes. Knowledge is power.

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