Wink Frozen Desserts Review + Giveaway

When I went to the GFAF Expo in September I was able to meet the wonderful people of Wink. I was super stoked to see that they were at the expo in the first place because I had seen their frozen desserts online, but had never seen them in stores and was dieing to try them! First off, Wink started in the dorm room of the founder Gabe Wolff in 2012. He had multiple allergies and wanted to make a fun frozen dessert he could enjoy. And enjoy he did and so did everyone else! They soon started up an online store and were flooded with requests and soon they found their products in over 300 stores. They are still a small company but are growing everyday as more and more people demand their grocery stores carry Wink. I have asked my grocery to carry them, but that still has not happened. Like I have said many time, my grocery sucks and I have requested many products to no avail. Wink has also recently partnered with 1% For the Planet. They give 1% of their profits to help the Earth and reduce their carbon footprint!

Wink Review and Giveaway on Strength and SunshineSo I took things into my own hands and reached out to Wink and asked about doing a review. Since they are so sweet (literally) and lovely they totally agreed and were happy to send me all 5 flavors! I was jumping for joy when that foam box arrived at the door (dry ice to keep things frozen!). I opened it up and had to dig in!

There are 5 flavors which include Iced Latte, Cake Batter, Cocoa Dough, Choco-Mint, and Cinnamon Bun. All fun and super delicious! My favorite is the Choco-Mint. I love the cool minty freshness along with the subtle chocolate taste. The texture of wink is that of a creamy ice. If you have ever had Rita’s Italian cream ices, it is kind of like that (except a hell of a lot better…and healthier!)


But the greatest aspect of Wink is how allergy-friendly it is! It is completely Gluten-Free, Vegan, Soy-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Nut-Free, Corn-Free, and also Fat-Free and Sugar-Free! It is really hard to find a vegan gluten-free ice cream that is also soy-free which was what drew me to Wink in the first place.


Check out the ingredients:

IMG_7980Completely safe and no chemicals (like most frozen desserts!). All the ingredients are recognizable, organic, and come together to make an awesome healthy sweet treat.

IMG_7981If you aren’t concerned with the allergy aspect, this is also a great product for those who just want a quick healthy sweet treat without the calories, fat, and sugar or traditional ice cream and frozen desserts. Yes, the whole pint is 100 calories, 25 calories in 1/2 cup. 45mg of sodium (awesome!), sugar/fat free, only 4g of carbohydrates, and 2g of protein in that 1/2 cup serving! Pretty stellar, right?

IMG_7973I am not a big sweets person so I usually just take a small taste with my nightly snacks, but I have thoroughly enjoyed Wink. Totally Rebecca-Approved! Now for the giveaway!

GiveawayOne lucky reader will win all 5 flavor pints of Wink! All you have to do is enter with the Rafflecopter link below! I will announce the winner in this week’s Friday Finisher (3/7/14)! US Residents only please!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also connect with Wink through these social media sites!

Official Website







Happy Tuesday! See you all tomorrow with an awesome new recipe!

**I received Wink Frozen Dessert products for review and was not compensated in any other way. All opinions and thoughts are my own and come form the heart! I truly love this company and support their products! :) I also want to thank Ani, who helped coordinate sending me the products and allowing me to review them and offer you guys the giveaway!**


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