Friday Finisher 9/13/13

Happy Friday! Wednesday and Thursday the temps were amazing here in Jersey. 80s all day, love the heat. But Thursday morning (and evening) there was a huge thunder storm, so my day started out pretty gloomy, dark, and depressing. I hate going to school when it is so dark and rainy out. It really makes that day that much longer ad harder to get through. And now Friday and the rest of the weekend the temps are supposed to be in the 60s….ugh! I can not stand the cold chilly weather. I am absolutely dreading the fall/winter! If you are experiencing crappy weather then hopefully the Friday Finisher will brighten your day!

Friday FinisherSS Posts from the week:

Monday: Power Monday #10 What is Beauty?

Tuesday: Gluten & Allergen Free Expo Recap

Wednesday: Warm Balsamic Sprouted Lentil Salad

Thursday: Pin It Party

Blog Posts I loved this week:

+ We All Know Someone Who…[Social Media]

Haha! This is hilarious and so true!

+ You Don’t Have to Be Hardcore to Do Crossfit

I still don’t know how I feel about Crossfit. I guess I will have to try it someday, but right now I am kind of eh about it.

+ Why I Embrace Being a Bad Yogi

Love this! Yoga is for everyone and it is not about perfection, but doing what you love.

+ Is a Calorie Just a Calorie?

Simple…Fuel your body with REAL WHOLE FOODS!

+ How to Season Cast Iron

Now I just need a cast iron skillet…

+ 7 Prescriptions Every Child (And Frankly Every Adult) Needs Now

The perfect equation to being happy, healthy, and loving life!

+ 30 Tips for Someone Just Diagnosed with Food Allergies

Great tips if you are just starting out on your new journey! It won’t be horrible, I promise!

+ 15 Creative Ideas for Self Portraits

Some awesome non-traditional and creative ideas. I may just have to start taking some pictures this weekend ;)

+ What Life is Like: When Food Hates You

A little humor for those of us with allergies, intolerances, and disorders.

Favorite Pins:

(Follow me on Pinterest – RebeccaGF666)

Cozy Aztec Sweater. I want/need/love this!

Easy Balsamic Portobello Burgers. Just another reason to have a mushroom obsession!

A Pop of Color. Cute fall outfit with a touch of Summer. Chai Tea Bread. Mmm, sounds delicious! Plus it is already Vegan and Gluten-free (no adapting, yay!)

Bruschetta Chicken. Light easy chicken for dinner!

Stair Landing Window Seat. Perfect little space to read a book and look out the window!

Creamy Dijon Brussels. So good! But I have to eat them in EXTREME moderation. Like 2 one day, skip a day and maybe 2 more, due to my ever loving stomach!

Maxi and Denim. Love this look!

A few things I loved about my week or am grateful for:

+ I had a half-day on Wednesday in school! So very much needed.

+ 96 days (and going strong) of being (eyebrow and eyelash) trich free!

+ I was invited to participate in a fun blogger opportunity which I will tell you more about in October! Stay tuned!

So Tell me:

Do you do Crossfit? If not do you want to try it?

Do you fall into one of those Social Media stereotypes? I don’t…at least I hope not!

Any fun plans for the weekend? I will just be doing the same old. Homework, studying, volunteering, yoga, grocery shopping, and hopefully reading. I am still slacking with this ever since school started! O and I need to finish up a few more college apps…not fun.

***Happy Celiac Awareness Day!***

6 thoughts on “Friday Finisher 9/13/13

  1. Thanks for sharing my post, gorgeous girl! I am LOVING that Astec jumper and the two outfits – the only good thing about fall/winter is warmer clothes – but I’m definitely a summer girl!

    I don’t do Crossfit and I’ve always said I never would – but working out with Jesse and really enjoying it, I know if he wanted to do it, I’d do it with him.

    As for social media, I have family and friends tell me “Kristy, I don’t even need to see you to know what you’re up to – I can just read your blog or take a look at your instagram feed” haha.

    • No problem! I love sharing other bloggers posts and spreading the love. I am still not very big with social media, but I have had to get into it due to the blog. I always told myself I would never get a twitter or instagram and thought they were so dumb. (My brother actually got me started with Twitter!) But alas, that changed and I don’t find them so stupid anymore haha!

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