Friday Finisher 8/23/13

Happy Friday friends! Yesterday was the last day of my internship at the Assemblyman’s office. My last day consisted of sitting, adding addresses to data files, organizing old filing cabinets and making new tabs for them. Fun? Well I don’t know about fun. ;) But later today I was invited to lunch with the assemblyman and two other interns there. This is great since I have never met the assemblyman yet…awkward. Hopefully it will be a good networking and connection making opportunity. It should be fun since I will be able to ask him questions about his rode to politics and the like. I will let you know how it goes!

I made a graphic for the Friday Finisher! I think these are my favorite posts, so they deserve some love. Thanks PicMonkey for you magic!

Friday Finisher

SS Posts from the week:

Monday: Power Monday #7 Sleek and Strong Arms

Tuesday: Group Power July Release Review

Wednesday: WIAW: Lentil Veggie Tacos and Pumpkin Pie Quinoa Flakes

Thursday: My Health Story Part 2: Good Riddance Gluten

Blog Posts I loved this week:

+ Going Back to Simple

Amanda decided to minimize the phone, get rid of cable, and actually eat dinner at the table. Are you living to high-tech?

+ 11 Facts about Smiling

I definitely don’t smile enough…

+ The Mayonnaise Jar

I love this story! Don’t focus on the small stuff first.

+ Consumer Reaction to FDA’s Gluten Labeling

Many are still outraged by the 20ppm requirement. 20ppm is the absolute max and many Celiacs can not even handle that high a number.

+ 10 Important Lessons They Don’t Teach you in School

The most learning you do is outside the classroom.

+ Form Follows Function

Claire says we need to focus on getting healthy and strong, not thin and toned.

+ Let Reality be Reality and Three Prong Fork

Two great though provoking posts this week from the lovely Cori.

+ Follow your own Food Rules

There is no one formula for the perfect diet equation.

+ #SILgivethanks A Thankfulness Project

Each day take a moment and share what you are thankful for!

+ More Than a 5k

When running becomes so much more.

+ What Ethiopia Taught Me

Jenna’s experience visiting a whole new world.

+ Stop Working out like its Your Job

Workout for the right reasons and remember to have fun with it!

Favorite Pins:

(Follow me on Pinterest – RebeccaGF666)

Gluten-Free Herb Crackers. I have never made my own crackers but these seem lovely if you want to cut out processed snacks!

Comfy Fall Outfit. The only thing I enjoy about the fall weather is being able to wear big, warm, cozy sweaters!

Homemade Chickpea Flour. What is a Friday Finisher post without the obligatory chickpea pins?

Chickpea Pesto Sandwich. Yummy…mouthwatering…enough said.

(If you have never checked out Thug Kitchen, it’s a really funny recipe blog! Hence the curse words below.)

Functional Workout. Julie always comes up with such great workout ideas!

Chickpea Flax seed Homemade Pasta. I don’t eat pasta, but this looks awesome and isn’t really “pasta” so…plus its only 2 ingredients + water!

Summer Tabbouleh with Beets. Let’s savor summer produce while we still can! (However beets don’t end when the summer does…)

A few things I loved about my week or am grateful for:

+ Slowly making progress on those Common App supplements. So essays, yet so few words! 150 word limit to explain how an extra curricular activity developed my character? Crazy…but I am not backing down!

+ 75 days (and going strong) of being (eyebrow and eyelash) trich free.

+ I finally published my blog’s Facebook page! Like it if you are so inclined. It’s a great way to stay up to date!

+ I am also grateful for a pretty stress-free summer. Even though I didn’t end up doing much or a lot of what I had planned. I feel refreshed physically, but not mentally. I am not ready to go back to the school, busy, crazy life routine.

+ I ordered two new Buff Bands from Amazon yesterday (as well as the best sunflower seed butter). Can’t wait until they get here!

So Tell me:

Have you ever been to a 3rd World Country? Would you ever go some place like Ethiopia? I always thought I wanted to, but now I am not sure. But it would be such an amazing experience to visit a place like Ethiopia and see how vastly different, yet the same humans are.

What Summer produce will you miss the most? I will definitely miss all melons (watermelon, cantaloupe, honey dew) as well as cherries (which already seem to be gone) and blueberries!

Do you have anything fun planned this weekend, please share? I will be going back to school Thursday so this is my last stress-free weekend. I am thinking of hitting up the beach for the first time…better late then never!

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