Dear Summer…Please Slow Down

Dear Summer,

You are going by way to quickly, please slow down! How is it already July 10th! I feel like I was just studying for finals last week but its been a month. Maybe you are speeding by because I have not done much of anything to make you want to stay. I have spent my days just waking with the sun, reading, reading ,reading, working out, and wasting my time on my laptop. I am sorry Summer, maybe creating a bucket list will help with my mundane leisure?

+ Make my own Nut Butter

+ Successfully enjoy and complete my Internship (more on this in a post tomorrow!)

+ Go to the Beach


+ Visit Washington DC (Completed! Check it here, here, and here.)

+ Expand my Home Practice by taking a Yoga Class

+ Go on a Bike Ride

+ Go Tubing

+ Make better use of my DSLR and take more Pictures

+ Get my License

+ Start a Blog (Completed!)

+ Complete as much College Application stuff as possible

+ Go to a Farmer’s Market

+ Get my Mom to do a Group Fitness Class

+ Begin Running…

+ Cook Dinner for my Family and actually Sit Down and Eat the same thing Together

+ Try or Create 4 new Recipes

+ Hold an Unassisted Free Handstand for 5 to 10 Seconds

+ Simplify my Pinterest Recipes into better Categorized Boards

+ Go a at least 2 Day Trips to New Places

+ Continue Reading Copious amounts of Books

+ Do my Annual Closet Purge

+ Meet Someone New, Learn their Story and Blog about It

+ Do a DIY Project


Summer, I hope I can accomplish these things; if not all then at least most. But I am counting on you to bring me some good weather since you have been less than stellar. So it is up to you and me, Summer, let’s make this a good one!

From your Good Friend with Love,

Rebecca :)

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Have you made a Summer Bucket List?

Any other Cool Ideas I should Add?

Feel free to link up your bucket lists in the comments! I would love to read them and get ideas!

4 thoughts on “Dear Summer…Please Slow Down

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  4. I love your list and agree – summer is speeding by way too fast!
    Thanks for including a link to our list at Dine & Dish!
    Hope you have a great time this summer!

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