Friday Finisher 7/25/14

So their out! The wisdom teeth that is. The procedure was super quick (only 30 minutes), but coming out of the anesthesia and “laughing gas” took awhile. I started crying while I was like half-awake half-asleep. I could hear what everyone was saying though as I was recovering. But I was so tired! I did not want to open my eyes or try to move. My jaw/chin and tongue we numb for hours afterwards. This lead to some major problems in talking, eating, and drinking. My mom got me an iced coffee on the way home and after I took the gauze out of my mouth and tried to drink….it was rather difficult! Since I felt like I had no tongue, swallowing was non-existent, haha! I was so frustrated. But then I was so hungry by this point too that I microwaved some homemade power muffins, smashed them up with a fork, and slathered on some PB. I slowly aimed the fork into my mouth and kind of just swallowed somehow without chewing. I couldn’t even taste which was a major bummer. I had to get food in me though so I could take my antibiotic, Advil, and anti-swelling meds. Yes, I have gone against my values/beliefs, and am taking Advil and antibiotics.

For dinner I totally mashed and microwaved a dinner bowl of goodness that included: sardines, hummus, nutritional yeast, tomato paste, zucchini, greens, mushrooms, fresh basil, broccoli, smoked paprika, gallons of turmeric (my natural anti-inflammatory!), sauerkraut, and probably some other stuff I’m forgetting. I also got in my sweet potato fix (since my name is Rebecca and I am a sweet potato addict). I microwaved a normal orange, chopped it up, put it in a food processor with cinnamon (skin on), and blended it up! It was perfect! Eating “burned” my mouth and I swallowed everything whole, but it was not impossible. We will just wait and see how today goes. The pain is always worse the next day right? :/ (Update: I successfully ate an apple with gallons of nut butter for a bedtime snack! It was a “semi-painful” success! Happy girl!)

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+ Does The Term Power Yoga Really Mean Anything?

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+ Do’s And Don’ts Of Pinterest

Be a better pinner!

Other Stuff:

+ The 10 States Where Happiness Is Most Expensive

Well I’m living in #5 and will be moving to #2 in just a few weeks. Yay me! :P

+ 5 Secrets To Perk Up Your Peepers

Have tired looking eyes? These products and tips and help!

+ I Gave My Daughter a Cupcake

About raising a vegan child.

+ How To: Perfect Hair Waves

Yea…this still wouldn’t work with my hair, it’s just to thin and long and blah!

Favorite Pins:

(Follow me on Pinterest – RebeccaGF666)

Muddy Buckwheaties. Omg, please check out Natalie’s blog! It is so amazing and I pinned everything on there! She also is a yogi ;)

Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Pizza. Free of allergens, vegan, paleo, without the cauliflower crust!

Cheezy Kale & Quinoa Crackers. Yummy! These look and sound so good! The perfect healthy homemade snack!

Sugar-Free Double Chocolate Vegan Ice Cream. I’m pretty sure this would soothe my post-op mouth ;)

Striped Summer Maxi. So pretty! I love me some summer maxis!

Shortbread Gluten-Free Cereal. We’ll save this for when I can crunch crunch away!

Kitchen Love. This could be my happy place! So small and quiet! All mine!

Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee. I think this would soothe my mouth too…and my coffee addiction!

A few things I loved about my week or am grateful for:

+ Some new fun food reviews will be coming your way soon! I love reaching out to small companies to see if they would like to work with me. And hey, it always pays off and then I’m able to share healthy, allergy friendly goodies with you guys! A win-win for everyone!

+ It’s been a pretty blah week so I’m not really loving it, but I’m glad my teeth are out and now I can just focus on recovering and getting past this!

+ I got some awesome new cookbooks I won in giveaways! Sweet Debbie’s Organic Allergy-Free Treats and Gina’s new Choosing Raw cookbook! O I am in foodie heaven!

So tell me:

+ What are your weekend plans?

+ What are your favorite cookbooks lately? Do you actually cook from them or just read them for inspiration like me?

+ What are your go-to foods that always make you feel better?

Have a lovely weekend friends! I’ll see you back her on Monday for another #PowerMonday! XOXO

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My Happy Sleep Routine

Today is the day….that I get 4 teeth ripped out of my mouth! As you read this I am either starving (since I had to stop eating at midnight) and getting ready to leave, it’s 8:45am and I am in the procedure in a drug induced sleep, or I am in pain and trying to relax at home. I’m still pretty positive though that I’ll be fine, but I’ll let you know tomorrow ;) I’ve got strength and I’m good with pain. Plus I’ve been though some bizarre and painful procedures before and I can always handle it. (I’ll have to tell you all about my in-grown toenail procedure sometime. It basically looked like I was getting a Chinese torture treatment done to my toes. Good times!)

Anyway, lets switch over to sleep! (Hoping I can sleep tonight!). Sleep is one of those things you need to be routine about. Otherwise it just doesn’t work, right? You all know I am a very earlier riser (4:30am-5:30am depending on the day), so that also means I go to bed rather early too, especially for an 18-year-old. It is usually by 9:45pm at the latest. I just can’t keep myself awake any longer than that and I have been trying! (Got to prepare for late nights in college!). But once I get a routine down like I have now, I don’t ever find myself having trouble falling asleep. I don’t wake-up tired either so I guess everything is working :) Here’s what my routine looks like:

My Happy Sleep Routine | Strength and Sunshine

Pretty simple but perfect (for me that is!). I usually start all this around 7pm and it’s just the right amount of time to get myself settled and ready to sleep. A shower to wash off the days dirt and sweat (people who take showers in the morning bother me so much!), pre-bed snack time, read some of my book. Currently I just started reading Under Your Skin by: Sabine Durrant. A nice crime mystery thriller (the best type of book!). I am not one of those girly “beach read” type of readers, nor will you ever find me with some crappy “paranormal fantasy tween” book in my hands. I like my books full of murder, crime, government corruption, lawyers and trials. ;) Thrilling and suspenseful!


Once I start to get antsy from reading for a while, I will make my evening cup of tea! I have been drinking a nice mug (my GW mug) of hot peppermint tea with a bit of stevia every single night. Pure peppermint tea is supposed to relive stress and help soothe the tummy. It totally does both and I think it helps me sleep. Plus it tastes so damn good and is an herbal tea so I don’t have to worry about caffeine!

And then I go back upstairs to my room and read some more. The only thing that makes me sad (all the time) is I drink my tea/coffee/really any beverage in about 10 seconds flat. Even if it is boiling hot. So my mug of peppermint on lasts until I get upstairs again. Then I just read, haha! After that I go back downstairs to brush my teeth, come back upstairs and check my email and social media on my phone. Yes, where are the anti-technology before bed police? Arrest me! I know it’s “bad” but it is fine for me. I wouldn’t be able to sleep if I DIDN’T check everything. That would be so stressful! After I do that (sorry I’m not sorry), I finally plug in my phone charger and lights out. I fall asleep really quickly from there, unless I start having freaks out about school (which has been happening more and more). Otherwise, I have a pretty perfect routine down.

I do always wake-up at least once in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. I drink way to much before bed, but I just have to have all the liquids :P When I do get up, I check my phone again. Yes bad. But it’s always blinking with a 10,00 notifications so I just have to. But then I put it away and go back to sleep in the blink of an eye! Until I wake up a few short hours later to start my day ;)

So tell me:

+ What does your night time routine look like?

+ Do you go to bed and wake-up around the same times everyday? I do! It’s really is best to keep your internal clock on schedule!

+ Do you “sneak” on social media at night when your should be “un-plugged?” I won’t judge ;)

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Vanilla Latte Millet Protein Pancakes

I had such a great yoga practice yesterday. One of those practices that leaves your muscles shaking, your energy flowing, and your heart soaring. I even took Savasana! 90 minutes of pure bliss. Then you know what I saw…THIS…That’s right. A week long yoga retreat in Tulum, Mexico in January of 2015 hosted by David Procyshyn and Fiji McAlpine. Basically if I was able to actually attend this I die happy right then and there. Only in my yoga dreams…

On to pancakes!

With all these recipes I have been making, it only seems fair that I get the old ones posted first before I move on to the newer ones. I have a ton of breakfast recipes starting with these pancakes! Yes, pancakes and a granola recipe this week. Two of my favorite things. Since I’m pretty sure I won’t be crunching away on granola anytime soon after my wisdom teeth come out tomorrow, I plan on many pancakes and hot cereals for breakfast. I’m telling you, pancakes solve every one of life’s problems. Having you teeth ripped out from deep within your gums? Eat pancakes! Having a terrible rainy gloomy morning? Have pancakes! Want to just make yourself really happy? Have pancakes! Simple as that!

Vanilla Latte Millet Protein Pancakes | Strength and SunshineEven though this is an older recipe, I think it is very fitting considering I am now addicted to coffee. I only allow myself 1 cup a day (decaf!), and usually only every other day. But since I can’t keep wasting money on the glorious Iced Black Unsweetened Decaf at DD everyday, I have resorted to crappy hot black unsweetened from the Keurig. The one my mom and brother likes (Folgers Lively Colombian) also comes in decaf, so she bought a box of that for me and herself sometimes. Well the stuff tastes not so pleasant, but I drink it anyway because bad coffee is better than no coffee ;) I want to get a reusable K-Cup and fill it with some quality ground coffee! But I can also get my fix with these pancakes. Hello vanilla latte!

Vanilla Latte Millet Protein Pancakes

Vanilla Latte Millet Protein Pancakes | Strength and SunshineIngredients: (serves 1)

+ Flour Mix: 2 TB of Millet Flour + 2 TB Gluten-Free All Purpose + 1 TB Vanilla Protein Powder

+ 1 Tsp Ground Decaf Coffee (Plus 1/4 Tsp for Topping)

+ 1/2 Tsp Ener-G Egg Replacer

+ 1/4 Tsp Vanilla Extract

+ 1/4 Tsp Baking Powder

+ 1/4 Cup Squash Puree (any neutral tasting puree will work)

+ Scant 1/3 Cup Water

+ Optional Topping: Vanilla Protein Frosting (2 TB Vanilla Protein Powder mixed with 2-3 TB Water)


+ Mix all dry ingredients together in a bowl except coffee granules. Mic the 1 Tsp of coffee into the water. Then add in all the wet and mix until your get a smooth batter.

+ While the batter sits, heat an oiled pan over medium heat on the stove.

+ Pour 1/3 of the batter on the pan. Cook for 3-4 minutes, flip and cook an additional 3-4 minutes. Repeat for the rest of the batter.

+ Top with the coffee granules and optional protein frosting or other desired topping.

Vanilla Latte Millet Protein Pancakes | Strength and Sunshine

There you go. A little protein, a little coffee. a little love! A great way to start the day in my opinion! Cook these up, brew a cup of joe, grab a book, and savor the quiet calm before the day begins! However I will be crunchy my breakfast today. One last day of cereal and granola until I can chew again! Got to make it count! Bring on all the jaw breaking food, like freezing my protein bars and crunching on nuts!

So tell me:

+ Do you prefer Iced or Hot coffee?

+ What’s your favorite K-Cup? Any good decaf ones I should try?

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